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Forest animals out of a fairy tale! Matte finish mugs with an animal relief and tail handle are a subtle and elegant way to bring the animal world to your table. Mug sizes correspond to the size of each animal. You can choose a different animal for each one of your favorite drinks or use the mugs as decoration!

Product detail:

  • Hedgehog: 4.4oz / 130ml
    • φ3 in x H2 in x W3.3 in / φ75 x H50 x W82 mm
  • Squirrel: 15.6oz / 150ml
    • φ3 in x H2.8 in x W4.4 in / φ75 x H70 x W110 mm
  • Cat: 4.4oz / 270ml
    • φ3.4 in x H3.3 in x W4.3 in / φ85 x H82 x W108 mm
  • Rabbit: 9.5oz / 280ml
    • φ3.7 in x H3 in x W4.5 in / φ93 x H75 x W113 mm
  • Fox: 9.5oz / 280ml
    • φ2.8 in x H4 in x W4 in / φ72 x H100 x W100 mm
  • Fawn: 11oz / 330ml
    • φ2.8 in x H3.8 in x W4 in / φ83 x H94 x W100 mm
  • Bear: 15.6oz / 460ml
    • φ4 in x H3.4 in x W4.3 in / φ100 x H85 x W108 mm
  • Moose: 18oz / 530ml
    • φ3.7 in x H4.4 in x W4.4 in / φ92 x H110 x W110 mm
  • Material: porcelain
  • User recommendations: microwave safe
  • Final sale, product cannot be returned or exchanged.

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