Smooth, refreshing coffee with CAPSULE cold brew carafe

Many people enjoy the mild and sweet taste of cold brew coffee. Compared to brewing with hot water, oxidation occurs more slowly in cold water and less tannin and caffeine are extracted that usually gives the bitter taste. With the CAPSULE cold brew carafe, you can make cold brew coffee or tea in simple steps; place grounded coffee beans or tea leaves into the attached filter, fix the inner and outer lids, add water, and let it steep. It is easy to make your own delicious cold brew drink. 

1. Prepare 55 g of ground coffee.​ ​
*Change to 12 g of tea leaves for cold brew tea.

2. Pour the ground coffee into the filter, and fix the inner lid on the filter.
*Do the same and pour tea leaves into the filter for cold brew tea.

3. Turn the filter clockwise to fix to the outer lid and place the outer lid on the bottle.

4. Slowly pour 850 ml of water.​ ​​ ​
*Pour 900 ml of water for tea.

5. Place the movable lid and brew for 8 hours in the refrigerator. After brewing, remove the filter and place the outer lid back.

CAPSULE lets you pour from any angle for you to enjoy cold brew.

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